Welcome to Flour Garden Bakery

Our Core Values

Integrity & Generosity

We are pledged to practice business with honesty, mutual respect and generosity.


Locally owned independent businesses are the key to a thriving local economy. They create a unique sense of place, support local charities and are able to directly respond to, and serve their customers. Locally owned businesses keep money circulating within the community — the economic multiplier effect by supporting local contractors, bookkeepers, accountants, etc.


Quality & Value

Starting with the best ingredients and using labor-intensive methods we create fine, handcrafted breads, pastries, cakes, soups, sandwiches, fresh organic juices and beverages.

We believe our long success is a result of providing great value and great service to our customers.

Our Community

We are dedicated to our community. Our employment practices are fair and generous — with attention to the individual’s needs. We give to local charities, we support local farmers, local businesses, local artists. We have practiced environmental stewardship since we opened in 1981.